Cover Letter



I'm writing to you from this page due my lack of a Staff Me Up Premium Plan.

I haven't done this before, I haven't sent a link to my website through Staff Me Up. I saw your posting for the Post Production Assistant job and I knew I wanted to raise the possibility of getting an interview by trying harder due to how perfect I'd be for the position.

I'm younger than most, I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far and I'm hungry for work. In my last job I worked as a Lead Editor on many Reality TV pilots and beat out many other older editors due to my ability to listen to every detail, constantly learn and adapt to situations. I was later given Assistant Editor work because of my attention to detail.

I understand this is a PA position, I've worked as one before on many sets and in office situations. I'm an excellent researcher and I am proud to be so. (I can also find you cheaper flights than anyone else). I've dealt with many celebrities and keeping my cool around them, knowing when to talk or when to leave them alone. If it matters, some of those people are Jenny McCarthy, Kyle Gass, Will Forte, and Carmen Electra (she loved me). 

I know I'd be perfect for this position, I'd really love an interview.

Thank you for your time,
Jordan Satmary